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Personalized Medical Care that 

Helps you find lasting solutions to your health 

Specializing in gut, hormone, and health optimization


Remote care for better convenience

Personalized Care

No more pill pushing! I help you fix the cause of your symptoms


I deliver comprehensive medical care that is backed by the latest science

Don't continue to be frustrated and confused about your health

You were made for more. 

How is your state of health affecting your productivity at work?


Are you willing to keep trying different diets and therapies without seeing results?


Is it time to get a different opinion on how to find a lasting solution to your health? 

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My Promise To You

In-Depth Care

I’m never in a rush during our appointment


My care utilizes nutrition, sleep optimization, exercise science, stress management, supplements, and medications


Your plans are created using the latest proven research

Trusted By Patients

My methods are proven for people just like you 

Actively Engaged Advocate

I’m personally committed to you reaching your health goals

You haven't found answers that actually work

Having to count bathrooms in public, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal discomfort, bloating, heart burn

Thyroid disease, fatigue despite normal thyroid labs, irregular periods, unwanted facial hair growth, hot flashes

Trying multiple diets only to gain weight again, high blood sugar, heart disease,  not knowing what to eat, relying on coffee to maintain energy, confused with nutrition advice

Gavin Guard

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Check out my podcast on the gut-thyroid connection

Healthy Woman
Patient Approved Care

Within 1.5 months, my issues were 80% resolved.


—  Ann

You deserve to be in control of your health.

I know you are the kind of person that values your health.  The problem is that you've been to multiple doctors and done a lot of work on your own without any answers to why you:

  • always feel bloated 

  • have digestive issue

  • confused with nutrition advice

  • feel like you have to take a nap after lunch

  • and feel like your mental clarity is a thing of the past.


I know how frustrating it can be to leave your health managed by guesswork.  Empty answers, multiple medications, and symptoms that keep you from being present with your family should not be an option. 


Everyday, I help patients find lasting answers to their health. I see symptoms like digestive complaints, weight gain, blood sugar issues, hormonal imbalances, and low energy as a cause to an underlying problem. 


I offer telemedicine and in-person medical visits for better convenience for you.  Here's how it works: schedule an initial consultation, get your personalized treatment, and follow up on your success. Book a free trial appointment or become a patient today, so you can stop feeling held back  and start feeling more energized. 

I am here to create a world-class patient experience to solve your unresolved health issues. You deserve to be in control of your health. 


-Gavin Guard

Gavin Guard, Roots Integrated Care

He always comes up with solutions.

You can find answers to your health 

Step 1


60 minute appointment

Share your health goals and get an initial plan of action.


Step 2


40 minute appointment 

Review your labs and personalize your plan even more.


Step 3


30-45 minute appointments

I give you coaching support along each step of the way so you can make progress feel natural.


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