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Are you Struggling with?

  • Joint pain

  • Brain fog

  • Difficulty finding words

  • Intense anxiety/depression

  • Nerve pain, tingling

  • Abdominal pain, diarrhea

  • Light sensitivity

  • Unusual skin sensitivity

  • Cough, breathing issues


These symptoms could be from toxin accumulation


Toxins affect all of us

Here are some startling facts

  • The World Health Organization estimates that 25% of world-wide diseases are from environmental factors

  • Toxins are present in a baby's blood from birth and mom's breast milk

  • Wealthier people/communities are just as likely to be affected by toxins as poorer communities 

  • Over 200,000 new forms of chemicals are being added into the environment each week

  • Low doses of toxins are just as harmful as higher doses of toxins

  • Your body releases toxins when you lose weight which can make weight loss harder

roots integrated care detox program
  • Most detox programs include ingredients that actually DECREASE detox pathways

  • Many programs are missing a big piece of detoxification

  • There's really no evidence behind those "juice fast" protocols

Proper detoxification is vital for your health but...
Most detox programs are a waste of money

Our program is different

We have adopted and modified a detox protocol from leading expert in the science of detoxification, Dr. Bryan Walsh

Evidence Based

We made sure that everything in this program is backed by scientific research

Practical and Affordable

This program is a portion of the fees that many functional medicine practices charge

Thorough Guidance

You get all the resources, tools, and help you need to implement this program

Here's what's included in our modified Walsh Detox Program

30-day program

A 1 month program that is broken up into 2 phases so you can progressively implement practices to support detox pathways.


Our detox program includes a comprehensive list of research studies to support the recommendations.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Sauna Protocol

Science-backed nutrition, exercise, and sauna protocol with helpful recipes and resources to help you implement it. 

Discounted Supplemens

Get our recommended supplements at a discounted rate.

Personalized Help

Optional help from medical director, Gavin Guard, to help personalize your detox treatment plan based off your symptoms, goals, and medical history.


This detox program is meant to be repeatable so you can do it multiple times.

Who's This For?

Not a good idea if you are...

  • Taking chemotherapy or cancer treatment

  • Constipated or infrequent bowel movements

  • Taking multiple medications

Perfect if...

  • Have any of the symptoms listed above

  • Want to lose weight and support detox pathways

  • Want an evidence-based approach to detoxification

Get Access HERE

detox registration

30-day money back guarantee 


Go at your own pace and follow our detox program on your own

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