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Do you take health insurance?

We use insurance as much as possible. This means that insurance may cover some of the lab testing, and we can get you out-of-network reimbursement for the office visits by sending your bill to your insurance company. We also accept HSA/FSA cards!

Why does Integrative Medicine seem expensive?

Short term, functional medicine may seem expensive and out of pocket it may seem like more. Long-term, you will not be spending the amount of money on medications and will likely navigate your way out dependency on the healthcare system. Discounts for family care will be made on an individual basis.

Do you do physicals and other typical primary care visits?

We do not, but we will work with your primary care clinician to provide you with comprehensive care. We require patients to maintain primary care with another clinic to take care of issues such as; wellness visits, annual physicals, cancer screenings, acute visits, etc. Ultimately, functional medicine serves a goal to work with your conventional treatment and not as a complete alternative. We act as your medical detective.

What is a Physician Assistant (PA)?

A physician assistant is a medical professional licensed by the medical board of the state that they reside in.  They are able to order lab tests, perform procedures, as well as diagnose and treat diseases. Gavin attended a three-year graduate master's degree program at the University of Colorado after attending a four-year undergraduate degree in biochemistry (alongside additional functional medicine training). His PA school was part of the school of medicine which means that it was very similar to medical doctor education. Gavin's PA program consisted of 2 years of didactic/classwork with over 14 months of clinical experience in different medical specialties. PAs are regarded as a respected profession that allows much of the same care provided by medical doctors at a lesser financial cost.

Why can't I go to my primary care doctor for these treatments?

A lot of conventional doctors are confined within the realm of insurances and their policies. At conventional clinics, it is unlikely spend more than 20 minutes discussing the depths of your health issues.  At Roots, you will spend an hour discussing your illness in just the first appointment. In addition to that, conventional models are often not trained in functional medicine, therefore, they seldom practice it within their clinic.

What if I have already tried everything?

We understand there may be a level of hopelessness with your exhausted efforts to feel better. We honestly feel we are using the best of medicine. The principals we use within our clinic have been applied to hundred of thousands of patients with all varying illnesses that have ended in a great amount of success.

What if I dont live near the practice?

Great news! All appointments may be done remotely through telemedicine appointments.

How long does it take to heal?

Since everybody's condition is so unique to their own physiology, duration of the process of healing depends greatly on a multitude of factors (age, severity, lifestyle, adherence to treatments, etc). What we do know is that, traditionally, from the initial assessment to the case review, it takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive lab results and formulate a case review of your treatment plan. 

Are lab tests necessary?

Lab tests are not always necessary. If you have recently visited your primary care for lab tests that we also may need, we may ask for a release to see those labs. Though, there are certain scenarios where we need to unveil more information at a micro-view in order to understand the condition of your physiology, and labs may be the only way to see that. Labs traditionally cost anywhere from $20-300. We will work with you and keep your financial resources as a top priority. 

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