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Ketogenic Diet Guide

In this guide, you're going to learn...

  • how a ketogenic diet can work wonders for you brain, mental focus, and prevention of brain diseases

  • a step-by-step guide of what to eat for the keto diet

  • how to track progress while on a keto diet

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Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals

In it you will find the fix to three things that impact every Busy Professional!

1. The 3 Steps to fix a Broken Diet

2. How to stay in shape when you're busy using this 'minimalist' workout- do it anywhere!

3. And finally, the all-important Power of Sleep! The most overlooked secret...

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6 Reasons to Care About Your Poop Health

In this guide, you'll learn

1. What your poop can tell you about your health

2. Common causes of poor gut health

3. What you can do to fix your gut

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Calorie Counting Debunked

You’re going to learn….


1. The cost of getting lean


2. The problem with calorie counting, part 1


3. The problem with calorie counting, part 2


4. The portion control guide


Comprehensive Probiotic Guide

In this guide, learn about how to best use probiotics.

1. Why most probiotics at the grocery store don't work

2. What conditions can benefit from probiotics

3. How to take probiotics

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