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Gut Health Masterclass

Gut health impacts all other aspects of your health, but gut symptoms often go inadequately addressed in a conventional doctors visit.

Gavin and Pearl have worked with a wide array of patients with various gut-related issues and have helped relieve symptoms not located in the gut by treating the gut first.

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and practical steps to help address your health concerns so you can go back to doing what you do best - living your life.

Wednesday, March 10th - 5:30pm PST

Saturday, March 20th - 10:00am PST

Presented by

Gavin Guard and Pearl Schuman

Mold 101: Mold illness, what it is, what is isn’t…and how to look for it! 
  • What are some signs and symptoms associated with mycotoxin illness? 

  • Mold exposure and environment

  • Mold colonization and when it can occur

  • How to test for mold and basic self treatment strategies

Saturday, March 13th - 9:00 am pm PST

Presented by

Brendan Vermeire

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Sleep & Your Health: Why Can't I Sleep & What Should I Do About It?

Regardless of age, gender, race, or nationality, there's one facet of life which applies to everyone: you MUST sleep. However, over the last few decades, we've seen a dramatic decline in sleep across the entire population. Sleep is no longer prioritized as a biological necessity, but instead as a societal inconvenience in our 24/7 culture. With the growing burden of chronic illness we need to start investigating the role of sleep in healthcare and how to combat environmental and lifestyle deterrents - so, what's happening to our sleep and what can we do about it?

Presented by

Mike Wines, M.S.

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Gavin Guard, MPAS, PA-C, CISSN


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