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New Research on IBS, Probiotics, Selenium, Thyroid, and More

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Catch my podcast on Dr Ruscio Radio

"I’m so excited to announce the beginning of FFMR Plus, which consists of a weekly written brief on the most impactful and relevant functional medicine studies (summarized concisely), and a corresponding audio read. This represents 7-10 hours of reading and filtering to find the most useful and clinically relevant information on SIBO, probiotics, IBS, IBD, cognition, sleep apnea, diets (low FODMAP, Paleo, etc), hypothyroidism, and more. On today’s podcast, listen to a free preview of FFMR Plus in which Gavin Guard of the Ruscio Institute covers new research on guidelines for IBS treatment, selenium for thyroid health, probiotics for the improvement of metabolic markers, and much more."

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